Terms and Conditions

Syrfare operates through sales via the Internet. For this trade, the following general conditions apply.

All prices are in Swedish kronor (SEK) and include applicable tax, currently 25%. Prices do not include delivery charges.

When ordering goods at Syrfare.com, a binding purchase agreement is concluded only after Syrfare has confirmed the order
to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer (Order Confirmation). Confirmation takes place no later than 24 hours after
Syrfare has received the order. However, orders placed during Fridays through Sundays, holiday eves and holidays will be
confirmed no later than on the following business day at 18:00. An order may only be confirmed provided that Syrfare is able
to verify the Customer’s residential address. Does not apply to art products. See separate terms for each artifact.

Delivery and notification
Delivery of goods in stock within seven (7) business days.
Time is calculated from that Syrfare has confirmed the order in the Order Confirmation. In case of any delay, customer is entitled to cancel the purchase. Refund of paid packets takes place within 30 days. During peak season (eg Christmas) delivery time may be slightly longer. Syrfare receives and delivers all orders in the order they come in to Syrfare. 

When collecting the shipment, the Customer shall present the Order Confirmation and a valid personal identification document.
The shipment must be collected within 14 days from the notification of arrival. Does not apply to art products. See separate terms for each artifact.

Administration fee
No fee will be charged at this point.

Delivery and Cost

Home delivery through posten.
The customer can always choose to have their order sent as a packet. (Shipping cost of 50 SEK will be admitted). The customer is entitled to bail out package for 30 days. If packages are not cashed out, Syrfare reserves the right to charge the customer 150 SEK for Syrfare incurred costs of return shipping, handling charges and handling fees.

Payment is made directly on the network when the customer confirms the purchase.

Client connected to the Internet with SEB, Swedbank, Nordea and Handelsbanken, can implement so-called direct payments.
When the customer selects the option direct payment, the customer are passed automatically to the by customer declared Internet bank The
 customer logs on to online banking as usual. The money is deducted directly from Client’s bank account when the customer approves the transaction.

If Customer owns a bank-/creditcard issued by VISA or MasterCard it may be used for payment. The customer’s card number, social security number, CVC code and the card’s validity should be indicated. The money is deducted from customer’s account when ordering.

Security of payments at Syrfare.com
It is important for Syrfare to offer secure payment options. Syrfare Therefore use a payment system designed to protect the Customer.All transactions sent through Paypal or Payson is encrypted, providing excellent security.

Returns / Money Back / Return
Syrfare offers 10-day return policy for unused items from the date the customer received the item / s. The goods are returned unused, in undamaged condition.The earrings are not refundable due to hygienic reasons. Repayment of returned package within 30 days .

Syfare never replaces return shipping cost incurred by other means. The customer pays for the transportation risk.

The money is transferred to the Customer’s account upon repayment. För att återbetalning skall kunna ske på bästa sätt måste bankkonto/personkonto eller postgiro alltid anges på returpaketet som ett brev. Avgifterna är de samma oavsett hur många varor som Kunden köpt. Återbetalning av returnerat paket sker inom 30 dagar.

The customer has the right to exchange goods ordered within 10 days after receipt of such goods by the Customer.

In order for a refund, claim or replacement shall be quick and simple. Bank account numbers should always be indicated in a
letter in the return package.

Age limit
Syrfare online shop dispatches, according to Swedish law, not to anyone under 18. Consumers under 18 must have parental approval.

Orders to foreign countries
Syrfare distributes orders to Sweden, Norway and the EU countries. For more information call: +46705200126

Personal Information
Syrfare is responsible for processing of personal data that you as a Customer disclose to us. The data is used to administrate your purchases and for marketing purposes. Syrfare uses only the data within the group, leaving no data to third parties.

Corporate information
Syrfare is registered with the Companies Registration Office.

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